We didn't make it this far by being "normal". Pushing the limits drives us. From consistency to setting goals and breaking them.

About Our Products

At GOAT Directive, our athletic jewelry represents the grind and hustle to be the best in anything you do. When it comes to athletes, the best of the best are often referred to as GOATS, an acronym for Greatest Of All Time. As athletes strive to be the greatest, countless hours of training and hard work are dedicated to perfecting their craft.

We take this same approach with GOAT Directive to offer some of the highest-quality jewelry designed for athletes and everyday wear. Our jewelry is built with strength and durability, allowing you to showcase your favorite styles during training or with your favorite daily outfits. 

The culture of GOAT Directive revolves around teamwork. We here at GOAT Directive believe that to accomplish a greater goal, you need a team you can trust to get the job done. Our team constantly challenges each other to produce the best products with the highest-quality materials for a product we are proud of. Teamwork is the basis of any sports team, work environment, and even friendship, making it an essential part of our everyday lives. As athletic people ourselves, we are constantly testing our products every day and discovering new products we can bring to market to help supplement the athletic lifestyle.


Earth First


Our company is also very environmentally focused as we enjoy outdoor activities and know our customers do. We practice various eco-friendly initiatives to ensure we do our part to preserve our Earth. We use eco-friendly stainless steel in each jewelry piece to offer you a strong, durable, and environment-friendly necklace or pendant. We also partner with specific shipping companies to ensure each shipment is shipped carbon-neutral. Lastly, a proceed of the profits from each order are donated to help youth sports programs across the nation to ensure we preserve the athletic lifestyle and passion for sports.


We're On A mission

GOAT Directive donates a portion of our profits to ensure that new trees are being planted accross our planet. We proudly partner with Ecologi to help plant trees with a portion of each sale. Ecologi members have funded 51.2 million trees, reducing CO2e by 2.3 Million Tonnes. Ecologi plants trees across the globe and helps devastated areas regrow after natural disasters. 

It is perfect! My son is a baseball player and I got this for his 11th birthday. Very durable and looks great.
The jersey number necklace IS 10/10! My son loves it, and the shopping experience was enjoyable and easy.
The shipping was fast & the quality is great. I bought this for my grandson and already making another order for my son.


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