GOAT Directive Partners With Ecologi

GOAT Directive Partners With Ecologi - GOAT Directive

With climate change being one of the most important topics of the past few years, we as humans need to do what we can to help save the planet. As a business, there is a larger responsibility to do everything we can to make a positive impact. That is why we here at Goat Directive have partnered with leading climate activists Ecologi to ensure a portion of our sales goes toward planting trees and funding climate change projects. Today, we are going to look at who Ecologi is and how our partnership can help you impact the climate crisis.

Who Is Goat Directive?

GOAT Directive is not only a brand but more of a lifestyle with a worldwide following. GOAT Directive is driven by adventure, a passion for greatness, and a love for the road ahead. We offer high-quality jewelry designed to be worn by athletes for daily use. Our culture is built around teamwork to accomplish a greater goal. 

As athletic people ourselves, we have a deep love for the outdoors, so doing what we can to preserve our planet is our #1 priority. We take various steps within our operation to ensure we are as eco-friendly as possible. From eco-friendly stainless steel necklaces to our partnership with Ecologi, you can rest assured that you purchase from a climate-conscious company.

Who Is Ecologi?

Founded by a group of environmentalists in Bristol, UK, Ecologi set out to make a difference in the ongoing climate crisis. Ecologi works with individuals and businesses to collect donations to fund tree planting and climate-changing initiatives.

Planting trees is one of the best ways to battle the climate crisis and keep global temperatures from rising to critical levels. As one of the most important roles of our entire ecosystem, trees are needed to provide a sustainable planet. By partnering with the largest reforestation companies in the world, they have helped fund over 54 million trees and registered 2.4 million tonnes of CO2e avoided.

Goat Directive & Ecologi’s Partnership

To ensure that our youth can enjoy playing sports for years to come, we have partnered with Ecologi to do our part in saving the planet.  With this partnership, a portion of our profits is donated to Ecologi to ensure trees are planted worldwide on behalf of GOAT Directive. To find out what impact you are supporting by purchasing from Goat Directive, you can check our GOAT Directive Ecologi page.

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