What Necklace Chain Size Do I Need?

What Necklace Chain Size Do I Need? - GOAT Directive

If you are considering buying a new necklace, you should consider not only the look of the pendant but the chain length as well. Chain length should be considered beyond your outfit and personal style. In the fashion industry, necklaces or chains are available in five different lengths for women, and four for men. This handy guide will help you choose the necklace length that beautifully showcases your jewelry, highlights your most attractive features, suits your body type, and frames your face. The right jewelry can draw attention away from your least desirable features and focus it on your positive attributes.

Choosing Necklace Chain Lengths for Women

Make sure that you consider the place where the necklace will be worn as well as the clothing that will be worn with it. Women may wear different lengths depending on the occasion and the season. Chokers may look gorgeous with cocktail dresses that have scooped necklines, however, they may not fit over turtleneck sweaters. In the winter, many women choose longer necklaces as bulky clothing may require an additional length. Don't forget to take into account the wearer's size. If a petite woman wears a 24-inch necklace, it may hang down too far, whereas if she wears a larger necklace, it may fit her perfectly. A necklace's size is more significant when it is smaller. The length of a necklace may not be sufficient if it is too short.

Choosing Necklace Chain Lengths for Men

In general, men choose chains that are approximately 20 inches long and fall at the collarbone. The necklace should be slightly longer if it includes a medallion, cross, or dog tag. A layered look can be achieved by wearing multiple chains of varying lengths.

Custom Necklace Chain Length

Each individual is unique, both physically and in terms of aesthetic preferences. We are not all the same size or have the same taste in jewelry. Sometimes, individuals who require a special size necklace may be able to order the same necklace in the next standard size (either up or down). For those with small necks, a jeweler can also shorten the necklace by removing links according to the style of the necklace. It is always wise to keep the extra links in case the necklace is eventually passed on to someone with a larger neck. This is in case repairs are required in the future. However, a customized necklace may be necessary if not all necklaces are available in your preferred size.

Double Check & Measure

The size of a man's neck corresponds to the size of his shirt's collar. For women, however, neck measurements are generally necessary since the size is often unknown. With a soft measuring tape, you can take a measurement at home. You can use a ribbon instead of a soft measuring tape if you don't have one. Wrap the ribbon around the wearer's neck and mark the point where the ends meet. Next, measure the ribbon against a yardstick or ruler to determine the approximate size of the neck. You are good to go!

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