Stainless Steel Jewelry 101

Stainless Steel Jewelry 101 - GOAT Directive

Stainless steel is a product designed to be durable and retain its shine for a long time. Harry Brearley invented it in 1912 by combining chrome and steel. In your kitchen, stainless steel is everywhere due to its corrosion resistance - it can withstand natural acids without the need for polishing. Jewelry made from stainless steel doesn't tarnish, which is why it is an amazing metal for jewelry. 

Does Stainless Steel Jewelry Last?

Due to its non-porous nature, stainless steel does not require plating. As a result of the layers of chromium that are present within this metal, it will never tarnish, turn color, rust, or fade. This makes it suitable for jewelry making.

Does Stainless Steel Jewelry Tarnish?

Invisible layers of chromium prevent oxidation in stainless steel, preventing scratches and tarnishing. Stainless steel has a pure silver color - similar to platinum, with a warm gray look. Because of this, stainless steel is the perfect metal for durability.

Is Stainless Steel Jewelry Safe & Hypoallergenic?

In general, it is the fillers in jewelry rather than the metal itself that cause allergic reactions. Stainless steel contains no nickel, brass, or copper, so it is less likely to cause allergies.

Will Stainless Steel Turn my Neck Green?

Due to the fact that stainless steel is a hypoallergenic metal, it will not oxidize and turn your wrist, neck, or finger green. In general, the green color in your body is caused by the acids in your body reacting with copper, brass, or nickel to form the compound. This type of 'filler metal' is generally found in the cheaper silver-plated costume jewelry that is plated with silver. Since stainless steel is non-plated, our jewelry consists only of stainless steel, and no other metals such as nickel or copper are used within it.

 Stainless Steel is Sustainable

Due to its green credentials, stainless steel is the ideal material for our product line. The product is 100% recyclable, does not contain any toxic coating, and does not result in toxic runoff. As a primary raw material, stainless steel already uses 70 percent recycled metal during its production process. Regardless of whether stainless steel is recycled or not, it will not adversely affect the soil or groundwater and is the preferred material for green buildings worldwide. Due to its ability to be reused and recycled, it has a minimal environmental impact compared to other jewelry materials.

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