Necklace Chain Size Chart

Are you wondering what size necklace would look best on you or on someone you are gifting? Allow us to guide you to your perfect necklace chain size. In this guide, we hope to tell you all you need to know about necklace chain lengths.

18 inches: Placement: Base of neck of smaller man. This is a short length that falls just below the collarbone. A popular choice for beaded necklaces that sit above t-shirts with crew necks. 

20 inches: Placement: Collarbone; most common size. This is a common length for men that falls right at the collarbone. If worn with a low v-neck or unbuttoned dress shirt, pendants will be hidden under a crew neck.

22 inches: Placement: A few inches below the collarbone; medallion can be added. Falls below the collarbone and can be worn over or under a shirt. Chains like this are popular because they're breathable.

*Please keep in mind that these are all approximations for an average woman’s or man’s height and size. Larger people may need longer lengths and petite ones may need shorter lengths.

Necklace Size Guide


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